Fine Braids

Our Fine Braids series is made from high tenacity Polyester or Nylon. Polyester is more favoured because we have some 30 different colours that can be incorporated, whereas Nylon is available only in white.

Cords start with a 1.5mm diameter and go to around 5mm. Refer table below. The diameter is nominal.

These are braids we have created for specific purposes. Please enquire if you have a requirement for a braid not listed and we will design and make it for you. Please call for the colour range.

CodeSize/DiameterIndicative Break Load
PFS-251.8mm81 kg
PFS-452.4mm162 kg
PFS-602.8mm180 kg
PFS-1053.8mm252 kg
PFS-1204.1mm342 kg
PHS-131.3mm41 kg
PHS-402.4mm126 kg
PHS-853.4mm216 kg
PHS-1304.2mm342 kg
PHS-1505mm432 kg

We use a coding which indicates the material used, braid weave and weight per unit metre. All braids listed above are made from Polyester (P).

P = Polyester N = Nylon
F = 16 Braid H = 8 braid
S = Standard Core (non-braided) (PHS) F = Braided Core (PFF)
Number = approximate grams/metre

To illustrate, PFS-120 indicates the cord is made from Polyester (P) – is a Full 16 Braid (F) – with a Standard Non-Braided Core (S) – while the number indicates the weight of the cord per metre.