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Product Information - Nautilus Braids

About our Ropes

Most of Nautilus Braid’s ropes are made from high tenacity continuously spun multi-filament PE (polyester) or P.A. (Nylon) having a tenacity of around 8 gms per denier. Some special “buoyant” ropes use PP (polypropylene because of its especially low density).


We also utilise new age fibres like Dyneema,/Spectra (UHDPE - ultra high density polyethylene) and Vectran (polyarylate superfiber) to manufacture the right rope for the right job.

Product makeup

Poyester braids


Specific Gravity - 1.38 Melt Point - 260°c Tenacity - 8.5gpd (Polypropylene on Wiki)
Polyester is the most commonly used material in our range. It is also available in a wide range if colours and weights. It is resistant to U/V rays and all colours are colourfast. It has very good abrasion resistance, especially when twisted. It has very low stretch and is suitable for Halyards, Sheets, and Reefing lines.

Dyneema braids

Dyneema® FIbre from DSM

Specific Gravity - .97 Melt Point - 144-152° Tenacity - 30gpd (Dyneema on Wiki)

Very strong light weight, no stretch rope constructed with a dyneema fibre core for strength and a polyester outer sheath for protection. Dyneema® fibre is one of the more common high performance fibres available on the market. Its high strength and low elongation and light weight make it the ideal braid for sheets, guys and control lines.

It has excellent chemical resistance and UV resistance, although it tends to have a cover over the dyneema core, generally polyester, to increase its working life.



Specific Gravity - as low as 0.97 Melt Point - 135° GPa 2.4 (350,000 psi) Tenacity - 30gpd (UHMWPE on Wiki)
Very strong light weight, no stretch fibre extremely similar to Dyneema. Used in a single braid form for high durability and easy splicing. It is a light weight rope that floats and is used for general purpose ropes such as safety lines and anything else that requires a floating line.
Vectran braids


Specific Gravity 1.41 Melt Point - 330° Tenacity - 23gpd (Vectran on Wiki)
Vectran™ is a high performance fibre that is specifically designed for fixed load applications. It has a very high melting point and can withstand extreme temperatures, its high strength, low elongation and very low creep makes it ideal for Halyards. It has excellent cut resistance and has low moisture absorption. Its U.V stability is poor, however its abrasion and cut resistance is much superior to polyester and it is used in extreme performance yacht braid covers.

Nylon braids


Specific Gravity - 1.14 Melt Point - 250° Tenacity - 8.9gpd (Nylon on Wiki)
Nylon has higher strength than polyester however has more elongation. It tends to be used for fixed applications such as mooring lines or sea anchors. With excellent abrasion resistance nylon tends to harden with wear.



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